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The Naija (Nigeria) Collection

The Naija (Nigeria) Collection

Stronger together

As storytellers and gatekeepers of culture, Nigerian craft artists find strength in sharing traditions. Passed down from generations, the country’s visual language—from its complex patterns and vibrant colours, to traditional symbols—is the literal fabric of the nation. Standing stronger together with football, this iconic language speaks to the world through the new Nigerian home and away shirts.

The Nigeria Vapor Match Home Shirt is modelled on what your favourite players wear on the pitch. Its stretchy, streamlined design moves with you, while breathable fabric wicks sweat and dries exceptionally fast for peak performance. This product is made from 100% recycled polyester fabric.

Stronger Away

Representing strength, Nigeria’s eagle is how Naija gets their Super Eagles nickname. Following that symbol, the Nigeria away shirt is inspired by Onaism, a traditional artistic movement essential to the country’s visual arts. Drawing from Onaism, a distorted eagle feather ascends across the shirt’s trim on the neckline, sleeves and sides, creating a statement of national pride and power on and off the pitch.


By TSW, 1 Ottobre 2020


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