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Nike ACG spring 2021 collection

How Three ACG Pieces Challenge Nike to Sync Functional and Sustainable Design

The principles behind Nike ACG and those that guide sustainable design meet in literally transformative ways. When top-notch gear can withstand all kinds of weather and terrain, it can cultivate a presence in the outdoors, which encourages a love for it — and is a first step toward protecting it. The spring 2021 ACG collection builds from the sustainably-minded footing of last year’s capsule by using thoughtful methods to design versatile, layerable gear that still point to a circular future. Three pieces that represent this type of thinking: the Misery Ridge Jacket, the Rope de Dope Skirt and the Mazama Vest.

1. Misery Ridge Jacket: Function and sustainability meet in the most critical of areas

In the ACG spirit, a jacket needs to help protect the wearer in varying conditions, but do so in a form that considers environmental footprint. The Misery Ridge Jacket applies 100 percent recycled lightweight polyester to two critical areas of the piece: the face and the back. The outdoors are its own performance arena, and sustainability shouldn’t hinder what’s required in the thick of the setting, or be relegated to only minor portions of the jacket.

2. Rope De Dope Skirt: When done with sustainability in mind, function shifts from setting to setting

The individual alchemy that changes a person when he or she steps foot in the outdoors mirrors how pieces serve multiple purposes for different occasions. The Rope De Dope skirt, constructed from 100 percent recycled post-consumer nylon, transforms into a blanket when the situation demands it.

3. Mazama Vest: Prints and patterns can stylize the emotional pull of the outdoors

Natural beauty can be interpreted through visuals on apparel — and still not skimp on sustainability. The collection continues the theme of connecting prints and patterns to breathtaking locales around the world, this time going to Oregon’s Crater Lake, the deepest lake in North America. The Mazama Vest, made of 100 percent recycled polyester, incorporates a print of the topological landscape as viewed from the overlook near the Crater Lake visitors center, including the peaks along the shore.

The ACG spring 2021 apparel collection and the Nike ACG Air Nasu GORE-TEX release February 11 on the Nike App and The Nike ACG Mountain Fly Low releases the same day on SNKRS.



By TSW, 12 Febbraio 2021


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