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L’intervista di Robbie Williams a Radio Deejay sta facendo il giro del mondo

L’intervista di Robbie Williams a Radio Deejay sta facendo il giro del mondo…
Non è passato inosservato il suo commento sul vicino di casa Jimmy Page!



Pair have been located in a row over the renovation of Williams’ London mansion

Robbie Williams accuses ‘mentally ill’ neighbour Jimmy Page of spying on him

Robbie Williams has accused Led Zeppelin legend and neighbour Jimmy Page of spying on him amid a row over the renovation of the former’s London mansion.

The former Take That singer lives next door to Page in west London and the pair have been locked in an ongoing debate about Williams’ plans to renovate the home he bought from the late Michael Winner for £17.5m in 2013. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea planning committee approved Williams’ building plans last summer but the dispute has seemingly continued.

Appearing on Italy’s Radio Deejay, Williams reportedly said off-air: “Jimmy has been sitting in his car outside our house, four hours at a time. He’s recording the workmen to see if they’re making too much noise. The builders came in and he was asleep in his garden waiting. It’s like a mental illness.”

Asked Page if is “kind of an asshole”, Williams has been quoted as replying: “He’s not ‘kind of’, no, no, no, let me tell you: Our next door neighbour isn’t happy with us trying to renovate our house and it has caused a problem and it will probably continue to cause a problem.”

“But what is great about this whole thing is it’s Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, and it’s not Jimmy the accountant from Chelsea so at least we’ve got a good story… I think Jimmy us bored. I’m next door now, I’ve got a studio in my house. We could write songs together”.

Williams also went on to claim that former Take That bandmate Gary Barlow is locked in a similar dispute with his neighbour, Queen guitarist Brian May. He then joked: “I should apologise to Ed Sheeran for what I’m going to do to him in 15 years.”

NME has contacted press representatives of both Williams and Page for further comment.


Robbie Williams shot straight to number one in the UK albums chart last week with his new LP ‘The Heavy Entertainment Show’, the 12th time doing so in his career.

Williams’ eleventh studio record notched up 67,000 combined sales to reach the top, pushing him past David Bowie to make him the British solo artist with the most chart topping albums in the UK. He also equals Madonna’s record in the UK but he is one album behind Elvis.

Since topping the chart with his debut solo record ‘Life Thru A Lens’ back in 1998, 10 of his 11 studio records have reached the top spot, in addition to his two greatest hits collections.

Williams told “I’m chuffed that this album is Number One and I’m humbled by these amazing statistics and facts. Thank you to the wonderful, wonderful team at Sony. I’m as proud of this album as much as any other, and hope that the fans enjoy it as much as I loved making it… this is for the friendlies. I’m very excited to be taking ‘The Heavy Entertainment’ show on tour next year.”


By TSW, 15 Novembre 2016


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