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adidas Originals #TLKS

adidas Originals | #TLKS Miami | Pusha T, Adwoa Aboah, Ben Jones

#TLKS. The first ever livestreamed event from adidas Originals.

The panel convened in Miami to celebrate the evolution of the EQT. It included model and activist Adwoa Aboah, LA based visual artist Ben Jones, and artist and president of GOOD Music Pusha T participated in #TLKS, moderated by Surface Magazine’s Spencer Bailey.

Jump to a topic:
00:02:38 Spencer Bailey: “What instigated originality in you from an early age?”
00:04:34 Pusha T on his brother: “Originality for me came with a cheat sheet”
00:05:08 Spencer Bailey: “It takes 10’000 hours to put effort in to become distinctive. Talk about your 10’000 hours”
00:07:22 Ben Jones on his talent: “I can’t spell, I can barely talk, but I can draw”.
00:07:54 Spencer Bailey: “How did the 90s inform these 10’000 hours?”
00:08:04 Pusha T on the 90s: “My formative years. Every wrong decision I ever made”.
00:09:42 Adwoa Aboah on Girls Talk: “Girls Talk is a platform to give girls the confidence to speak”.
00:11:08 Ben Jones on creativity: “You come up with stuff that’s super-relevant and dope when you use old stuff”.
00:12:30 Spencer Bailey: “How do you view music in terms of how it transcends disciplines?”
00:13:15 Pusha T on inspiration: “Music is essential to getting anything done, for me”
00:15:10 Spencer Bailey: “How has the internet changed the way the three of you view the world?”
00:17:54 Ben Jones on the internet: “It’s so empowering, and that’s maybe the only democracy out there at the moment”
00:18:41 Spencer Bailey: “One of the big things with EQT, is the line ‘Everything that is essential, nothing that is not’. How do you guys pair down things to its essential essence?”
00:22:19 Spencer Bailey: “Do you think art and activism can be one and the same?”
00:26:43 Spencer Bailey: “Where do you guys see the intersection between art and politics?”
00:33:26 Spencer Bailey: “GOOD stands for Getting Out Our Dream. How would you say you guys are getting out your dream?”
00:35:14 Spencer Bailey: “Talk about collaboration and how you pick your partners”
00:35:38 Pusha T: “I only collab if it makes sense. You never want it to look like you’re reaching”
00:39:55 Ben Jones on creativity: “It’s a form of insanity. If I don’t make art I’ll just die”
00:43:05 Spencer Bailey: “Do you think the internet has made the world a more democratic place?”
00:48:02 Spencer Bailey: “What does adidas mean to each of you?”
00:49:02 Adwoa Aboah: “I can’t wait to dress my child up in an adidas tracksuit”
00:49:15 Pusha T: “Being a young fan of hiphop music I saw a major brand align with artists I related to whole-heartedly. I had to have it”.

By TSW, 12 Dicembre 2016


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