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The Stone Island Shadow collection Project_Spring Summer ‘020 continues on the path towards the most evolved contemporary menswear concepts.

The collection explores the concept of density, both in terms of shapes and of effects, such as the result of constructions, when combined and contrasting with soft materials.


This season the COMPACT treatment is introduced, a special highly compacted nylon cotton that serves as a base for a wide variety of translations.

The fabric resulting from the treatment has a high level of rigidity due to the compacting of the nylon fibres and a slight patina effect on the outer face.


HEAVY COMPACT NYLON is a fabric composed of nylon and cotton.

Developed exclusively by Stone Island for Shadow Project, the base fabric undergoes a metamorphosis from the Compact Treatment process.

The napped inner face creates unique dynamism between the density of the outside and the comfort inside.


COMPACT 50 FILI Derived from a classic Stone Island fabric, this cotton-nylon blend undergoes the Compact Treatment.

The napped inner face of the fabric softens the texture and creates an elegant contrast with the overall density of the fabric.


The very high density of COMPACT treated panels integrated into a section of the garment help maintain the shape and create a supporting base for the remaining softer fabric.


OPAK is a lightweight, semi-transparent nylon-polyester fabric impregnated with polyurethane resin.


DPM CHINÉ JACQUARD is an exclusive fabric in a blend of cotton and polyester, resin-coated inside. In its third evolution it combines the depth of colour, graphic details and soft draping of the previous version with an additional jacquard weave texture that creates the striped areas of the fabric. The print is applied only to the warp of the fabric for depth and unique visual texture.


STRIPED NYLON METAL reinterprets a classic Stone Island fabric obtained through weaving polyester fibres in ‘striped’ areas of the fabric. Through various changes to the garment dyeing process, the stripes are made opaque in contrast with the metallic sheen of the base fabric.


LIGHT NYLON-R consists of a 3-layer composite structure that combines a windproof, water resistant and breathable performance membrane in polyurethane, between a micro mesh base and a high-density nylon jersey outer layer. Lightness and packability are emphasized in this fabric, as is the unparalleled colour obtained from Stone Island’s experience in finished garment dyeing.

The introduction of the first Shadow Project duffel and bag is complemented by a rich series of graphics and by slip-on suede shoes. 



By TSW, 12 Febbraio 2020


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